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My name is Jan Buitenhek. I was born and have been living in The Hague practically all my life. I’m married to Judith and together we have raised two sons (1995, 1998). I’ve finished my studies of psychology in Leiden in 1988 and after that I’ve been developing myself in mainly 3 different directions:

  • Integrating a variety of non-mainstream methods of personal development and growing awareness in my work as a psychologist (since 1990).

  • Becoming a specialist in all aspects of caresystems for communicatively disabled people (since 1992).

  • Further training in skills and knowledge and applying them in the area of organisation and leadership (since 1998).

  • I feel rooted, not only in my different educational and learning experiences, but also in my personal adventures as a human being, a spouse, a family member and a father.

In my practice I’m offering different forms of consultation:

  • Individual psychological consultation and counseling

  • Individual coaching (personal development, work, relationships, communication)

  • Groupcoaching (work related questions and issues)


In my work I try to find a balance between using my skills, my experience, my knowledge and my intuition. I will try to connect your questions with the facts of your life: Your experiences, your thoughts, feelings, reactions and longing. I always strive for ending a session with you going back into your daily life, with a realistic and achievable plan. That you are able to take steps or make choices, based on new insights and refreshing perspectives on new possibilities.


  • Psychological consultation is based on a rate of 90 Euros per full hour (VAT-free).

  • Groupcoaching is based on a rate of 150 Euros per full hour (VAT-free).

  • For non-profit and small profit companies individual - and groupcoaching are resp. 135 and 175 Euros (VAT-free).

  • For larger profit companies these rates are resp. 175 and 225 euros (VAT-free).


Sessions will take place in a practice in Rijswijk (ZH). If needed I can work on location. Traveling time will than be charged. Besides Dutch I can work with you in English and German.




mobile; (0031)(0)621626852

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